Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bangalore Woes...

We all are aware and frustated of the traffic situation in Bangalore - peak hours or not. Roads remain choked with bumper to bumper traffic and we keep blaming the govt delayed flyovers, expressways and metro.
BUT, do we really care. I work in Bagmane Tech Park - and each morning and evening there is pandemonium for hours when 100+ shuttles, buses of all sizes run by IT companies go in and out. There are about 20 IT companies in this TechPark - each runs its own network of buses - most at less than 30% occupancy. If banks can join to share ATM networks, Telcom providers can share voice and data networks or even towers etc, marketing companies can leverage Post office network, why don't IT companies join hands to share their transportation resources - thereby reducing the load on the roads, creating shorter commute routes and lesser fuel wastage as well.

We need to stop expecting the govt to solve all over problems - and be smarter with our solutions.

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Manish said...

hey...excellent idea! i think we need more such creativity in urban transport and infrastructure!