Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tele-Marketing jokers..!!

Industry pundits and news reports tell us that there are about 180 million mobile phone subscribers in India, growing rapidly at 5-6 million each month.

I wonder how many of the 180 million have been spared by the telemarketers so far.

Not many…!!! Must be just a handful of lucky one’s who are yet to get an irritating tele-marketing call.

I, like most of the other harassed customers still get 2-3 calls a week, in spite of having signed up for all DND lists I know of. Most callers’ still don’t understand my disgust and anger – and call back within seconds of me blasting them and cutting the call. Offers for personal/home/auto loans, credit cards, vacation packages, membership to Country club, etc are a routine.

Responses on being asked to not-call again from dumb tele-marketers like this one “Why sir, why don’t you need a loan?” are old news now.

But this one I got the other day just took the cake…

Tele-marketer(TM): Sir, I am calling from XYZ Bank. We have a great offer for you, Sir. We are offering a life time free credit card to all employees of your company.

Me: Wait!!! I don’t want any credit cards, loans, memberships… nothing at all.

TM: Sir, please give me a minute to explain. Sir, we have a special offer going exclusively for your company. All employees of your company can avail of this special offer specially designed for you – since you are our preferred customer.

Me: Wait…!!! How am I your preferred customer? I never dealt with you…

TM: No Sir, your company is our preferred customer.

Me: I am sure my company has no dealing with you at all. My salary account isn’t in your bank either.

TM: Sir, this is a special offer designed for your company only.

Me: Which company? Do you know which company I work for…?

TM: (silence)…

TM: Sir…can you tell me which company you work for?

Me: But you have a special offer specifically designed for my employer. So you should know…

TM: Yes Sir… (silence)

TM: Sir, we can offer this special package for you also, your company too. Employer doesn’t matter. We have given this offer to many companies in Bangalore. Most IT companies have enrolled for it.

Me: But just 1 minute back it was an exclusive offer just for my company, because of being a privileged customer. Are all IT companies in Bangalore your special customers?

TM: (Silence)…

Me: How do you even know I work for an IT company?

TM: (Silence)…

TM: What company you work for then?

Me: Keep guessing… (Cut)

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