Monday, November 19, 2007

Karnataka's Political Cry Baby...

Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa resigns

Scene 1: A bunch of kids playing cricket in a residential complex... The boy at the crease is bowled out. The umpire rules him out... all players vouch for the verdict. But the boy refuses to move from the crease. Or let anyone else take the bat. Reason? He owns the bat and the ball they are playing with... and his Papa is the secretary of the housing society they live in.

If they wont let him bat on, he will walk off with the cricket gear - ensuring no more play happens. And also make sure his papa-dear forbids any play in the vicinity for good.

Cry baby... spoil-sport...? would you say...?

Scene2: Karnataka political scene since Sept 2007...

First, HDK did not want to let go the post of Chief minister... then very reluctantly he let go after crying a lot over it, but wouldn't let the other party form the govt. Then after realizing that he could not form it himself either, reluctantly let BJP form the govt. only to pull the plug on day one.

All the while, Papa King Gowda is playing the king maker... taking care of his family interests. After all, how can he let his kingdom Karnataka be ruled by someone else other than one of his sons.

HD Kumaraswamy and his ilk, led by his grumbling father have made a complete mockery of the state.

One can not help feel amused and baffled by the politics in India... Karnataka taking the cake lately...

What baffles me - what the hell was BJP thinking? How could they trust Deve Gowda at all? DG is very well known for his self-serving politics. He became the Prime Minister by fluke - a stroke of luck which will never happen to him again. Unfortunately, having been PM once - he can not step onto the CMs chair anymore... He is practically forced into a political vanvaas... except for play the political Godfather from background.

Were they hoping for some mis-trust luck? Remember the 13 day govt they formed in New Delhi - only to return for a longer tenure. Height of superstition, if its so...

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Dimple said...

That was such a Trath hyu comparison ..good going