Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NDTV...independent media house???

While browsing through news channels today evening, I was stopped at NDTV for a while. Prannoy Roy was the news anchor - and thats what amused me and made me stop at the channel - wondering how attrition in his ranks must be troubling him, like it does in my industry.

But beyond this initial amusement - I was shocked to see what was on the news.
First it was an news report defending Leftist parties against the scathing attack most leading newspapers had launched today - accusing CPI/CPM of anti-India and pro-China bais, in context of their opposition to the Nuclear deal. Prannoy and his team had compiled a rather lame news story supporting CPI/CPM and countering the accusations. Nothing impressive... and it would have left more centre leaning people seriously wondering about the real-left.

But this wasn't all... This was followed by another amusing news item - This time about how Pranab Mukherjee is the most wise, astute man in Congress, the man to get Congress out of troubled waters, his seniority and experience... and how Congress has always sidelined
him at important time (ignoring him for Prime Minister-ship and also denying him the candidature for Presidentship this year...)...

The two news items looked surprisingly sinister... NDTV top boss Prannoy Roy is related to the communist top boss Prakash Karat through marriage (Prakash's wife Brinda Karat and Prannoy's wife are sisters)...

Is NDTV the pseudo-spokeschannel for Communists party of India...?

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life of pi said...

thats an interesting link of lineage..although i dont think NDTV is pseudo communist (then again i dont really watch it that much now) and i really like Prannoy Roy. Hes very articulate, only wish our Government's leaders were like that.