Monday, December 18, 2006

Of God's and Media

Yesterday there was one more news story in all the news channels – Sanjay Dutt performing a pooja/havan in Siddhivinayak temple – we all know why?

This sort of had a deja-vu… or rather a news burn-out effect on me. Why is it that every second day there is a news item of someone visiting Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai? Why is it news first of all?

I have come believe now that all TV news channels have a dedicated team of reporter/camera-man deputed permanently to watch the visitors in this temple now…It’s a great place for celebrity spotting and getting some scoops for news… Whether its some one coming to pray for a favourable judgment in the courts, or reality show contestants coming in to pray for more SMS’s in their favour, or cricketers for finding favour with selectors, wannabe leaders or have been leaders just before the election results, parents and family members of ‘Big boss’ hostages, the finalists of Indian Idol or Nach Baliye, or someone from Ekta Kapoor pack emoting for a dying ‘husband’… yahan sabh milta hai!!!

So why go elsewhere pleading and begging some so-called celebrity for news bites… you get them fresh and easy here – served to you on a pooja thaali.

For years, star crazy Indian’s have flocked to Bombay for a glimpse of some stars. My advice to them is – don’t bother about battling with the Nepali guards at your idols house or the rude chowkidaar outside Filmistan or RK studios… just hang out at Siddhivinayak temple a day before release of his/her film – you will find more than a handful of ‘stars’ out here easily.

The temple authorities can probably be smarter - and install camera's all over their premises and tie up for the feed with some TV channels... some cool revenue to be raked in here.

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