Monday, December 18, 2006

Win in SA - 2

The win over South Africa in Wanderer’s has come at a time when the Indian cricket fan had totally got dejected – down and almost out. The stars have been a jaded image of their dazzling past for a long while, and even without any great change in form of the stars, the team has risen to give a fresh lease of life to the ‘cricket fan’.

Indian cricket has been reeling under the pressure of too much of media attention – there is a good feel factor about this success – since the victory came on the shoulders of the not-so in the prime stars. Sreesanth – with or without his antics – was brilliant. Zaheer was dropped and recalled not too long ago… Sourav and VVS have been in and out – the former captain having gone through the worst phase of his career in last 6 months or so.

Kumble – in spite of being the old war-horse of the team and having feats not lesser than those of any of the other stars in the team – is never for some reason given the star treatment…

The tigers on paper for once rocked as a team – instead of individual dazzles…

But even today, when the team just needed to complete some formalities for the win - the age-old skepticism was alive in the fans… each of us wondering inside us – will it really happen. Each of us scared that there was still a possibility for the team to goof it up from even such a strong position. Hasn’t it happened so many times earlier… Pollock smashing a few too many gave some such scares… Is it that the confidence of Indian cricket fan has been shaken and smashed so often, that we don’t believe it till the bails are still on.

Will this ever change?

As an Indian cricket fan – I am scared. Would this one win again set the team back on its complacency track – get them back in front of more camera’s shooting more endorsements – or would it really help the team get up and running from now on…?

As usual – I still have my fingers crossed – hoping for the best…

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